June Budget Proposal - Part One


Use this area to both submit and discuss ColossusXT budget proposals you intend on putting up to a community vote for funding.
Discussion and planning should occur in the Proposal Ideas Discussions section.


Proposal: Partially use next Superblock (500,000 COLX) for Exchange-Crowdfunding

This part of the budget will be dedicated to covering some costs of getting COLX listed on an additional exchange and will be used for Exchange-Crowdfunding.

Use next Masternode Budget Superblock (BlockStart: 388800 - BlockEnd: 453600) for Crowdfunding to get listed on a bigger Exchange

500000 COLX from 10% to proposals for all phases will go into the Crowdfunding Fund to get listed on a bigger Exchange if you vote YES

You will need at least 1 running Masternode to Vote for this proposal

Proposal Name: CrowdfundingExch
Amount: 500000 COLX
Payments Counts: 1

proposal-hash= 329c695f810315a5520e3e27b8b083f1562e03ea5076c05ceec1ca8cae07876c

How to Vote?
Go to Tools > Debug Console > then you vote:
Correct usage is " mnbudget vote proposal-hash yes | no "

" mnbudget vote-many proposal-hash yes " to vote in favor:

mnbudget vote-many 329c695f810315a5520e3e27b8b083f1562e03ea5076c05ceec1ca8cae07876c yes

“mnbudget vote-many proposal-hash no” to vote against

Then go to "mnbudget getinfo CrowdfundingExch” to check the status

mnbudget getinfo CrowdfundingExch

 "CrowdfundingExch" : {
        "Name" : "CrowdfundingExch",
        "URL" : "https://goo.gl/7hNki1",
        "Hash" : "329c695f810315a5520e3e27b8b083f1562e03ea5076c05ceec1ca8cae07876c",
        "FeeHash" : "89377966832fe50189070e6d5c83fa8daefdea6aa7a7ac0ead5c8661ab2fec52",
        "BlockStart" : 388800,
        "BlockEnd" : 453600,
        "TotalPaymentCount" : 1,
        "RemainingPaymentCount" : 1,
        "PaymentAddress" : "DF9ozSCCyqg6bdmy5SyVgr2WV4ctLriDTh",
        "Ratio" : 0.00000000,
        "Yeas" : 0,
        "Nays" : 0,
        "Abstains" : 0,
        "TotalPayment" : 500000.00000000,
        "MonthlyPayment" : 500000.00000000,
        "IsEstablished" : false,
        "IsValid" : true,
        "IsValidReason" : "",
        "fValid" : true   }

Thank you for voting!

Colx team

Details about the Crowdfunding Campaign
ColossusXT Crowdfunding Campaign to get listed on additional Exchange(s):