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Do you have an idea for a Colx project? Post it here with a outline for your proposal. The more feedback you receive here, can help you submit a proposal that has more chance of getting approved by the masternode owners community


I’m the representative of StackOfStake staking and masternode investment platform. We are providing staking and an instant shared masternode services for COLX and other coins. The platform is operating securely since early 2018.


Currently, COLX is working in staking mode, but we would like to improve the experience for investors by upgrading COLX to and an instant shared masternode. It will increase the rewards rate and allow users, that don’t have enough coins for own masternode, to receive full masternode rewards.

The present balance of our COLX pool is 3 million coins.
Our proposal: COLX DAO to supply us with 14 transactions of 500000 COLX/month to upgrade our node to instant shared masternode.

Here is the list of benefits that investors are receiving by using StackOfStake:
• full automation
• instant deposit, instant rewards accrual, instant compounding, instant withdraw
• no deposit or withdrawal fee
• no minimum deposit and withdrawal amount
• detailed portfolio analytics
• referral system
• no KYC
• inbuilt exchanger (coming in Q2-Q3 2020)

You can explore our platform at
ColossusXT at StackOfStake Knowledgebase:
We are always active in social media and engaging with COLX, as well as other well-doing listed projects. Check out our Twitter: @stackofstake

We already have one successful DAO proposal. TerraCoin was added to StackOfStake by the support of TRC community governance: “TRC Listing at StackOfStake Platform” proposal

In the case of delisting from the platform or other accidents, all funds received via this proposal will be sent to the ColossusXT core team.

Good Afternoon.

I really do not like the idea of using these coins for this purpose. Allocating 7M coins from the governance budget in order to facilitate a ColossusXT node in a shared platform is not what community governance was meant for… What if more node services ask for this sort of thing? We cannot appease them all and continue with our own development goals.

The other problem I see is that there are currently 3M coins in the pool, you would add 7M and get all the rewards for those by what I am reading. The only way I could support this, is if 100% of the coins being allocated by the community vote, went back to the community in rewards. StackOfStack could receive none of these rewards as they asked the community to supply them.

It may be more reasonable for a joint marketing campaign so that together we can bring more users to the StackOfStake platform and open their eyes to the wonders of ColossusXT and the Colossus Grid.

Hello @PioyPioyPioy, thank you for feedback.

We do not pretend for those rewards from 7M COLX. It can be returned to the wallet set by the ColossusXT core team or distributed to COLX investors at our platform.

Joint marketing campaign is what can be held too.

0.5M is quite small fraction of COLX DAO monthly allocation, and we believe that this cut will not harm the development for ColossusXT project.

After the conversation with @Xquad (thx to him), I would like to provide an updated proposal.

The merged marketing campaign (StackOfStake + CollossusTX) to invite more users from inside and outside the community to stake COLX at StackOfStake platform.

Proposal fund: 500k COLX.

  1. Bonus rewards to all COLX stakers at StackOfStake for 3 months (100k COLX/month) - 300k COLX, provided by ColossusXT DAO.

  2. Perioding featuring COLX at top positions at StackOfStake platform - free, provided by us.

  3. Newsletter to StackOfStake users about bonus rewards activation (see 1).

  4. Newsletter to StackOfStake users, featuring the latest developments and ColossusXT technologies (Grid, etc.).

  5. 2 giveaways to increase the community activity and engagement - 200k COLX, provided by ColossusXT DAO.

Community, what do you think about it?

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I think this is a great idea, because it incentivate the investors to buy colx and also to stake, so I vote yes for this proposal

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