StackOfStake x ColossusXT | Joint marketing campaign

Proposal: sos-colx-mkt

By: Lova from (

Monthly payment amount: 500 000 COLX.

Length of the proposal: 1 month.

We (StackOfStake team) would like to run the marketing campaign to bring more users to StackOfStake platform, promote COLX to our users and external cryptocommunity.

The objective:
Need #1: Educate COLX holders about StackOfStake and benefits that it gives.
Need #2: Increase the amount of COLX stakers at StackOfStake platform.
Need #3: Educate StackOfStake community about COLX and ColossusXT technologies.
Need #4: Spread the word about COLX to external cryptocommunities (as a project with a long history, active team, stable passive income).

Project approach and execution strategy:

The marketing activity consists of 5 steps:

  1. Bonus rewards to all COLX stakers at StackOfStake for 3 months (100k COLX/month) - 300k COLX, provided by ColossusXT DAO.
  2. Periodic featuring COLX at top positions at StackOfStake platform - free, provided by us.
  3. Newsletter to StackOfStake users about bonus rewards activation (see 1) - free, provided by us.
  4. Newsletter to StackOfStake users, featuring the latest developments and ColossusXT technologies (Grid, etc.) - free, provided by us.
  5. 2 giveaways to increase the community activity and engagement - 200k COLX, provided by ColossusXT DAO.

Timeline of execution:
We will launch these marketing activities after receiving payment. Activity length ~3 months.

To support this proposal - follow the guide.
Type in console: mnbudget vote-many 2df269124660f80acc91b0acc8c9cab2b3208689332c622de4a7718132bdde90 yes