What Are The Preferred Methods Of Promoting Colx?

What are the preferred methods for a Hodler of Colx to get involved and help promote this great project? What are we and what are we not supposed to do when promoting the coin to the general public.

What marketing materials are currently available to help promote Colx on websites and social media pages etc…

This is a great discussion base for future proposals.
There are many things we can do to promote ColossusXT.
As a community project, we need to use limited amount of budget via governance cleverly.
As holders, we need to use social media channels with #spreadthegrid $colx tags as much as possible and get interacted with decent accounts, arrange interviews when necessary, look for possible partnerships and discuss these options.
There is so much that even 1 person can do, and sometimes it only takes 1 man to build miracles :wink:
Feel free to join for active discussion in our discord if you are not there.
Most of the people are volunteers of the project connected with passion, so anyone can be part of the team by the nature of being a community project and that’s the beauty.
We can discuss about tools that we can use and even expand/work on making new ones if we revolve around ideas but discord is a good start to look for materials :slight_smile: Cheers.