Hello from Mexico!

Hi, my name is Zetty,

I’m Zetty from Cancun, Mexico. I’m a big fan of crypto since 2014, I just open my forum account to say “hello” to all the Colossus community, I’m very happy to be here.


Hi Zetty!
It’s so good to see you around after all this time.
As I know you’re one of the earlier PIVX supporters out there: Please always feel free to share your opinion - it would be a pleasure to spread COLX together.
Salutations to Cancun - Mexico!

I’ll also tag @PioyPioyPioy here to let him know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the warm welcome!! I’m been around for a while, happy to see how this community is growing, so is the project. I’ll be happy to share about COLX to my crypto group. I’ll need to start to read more, I let you know y questions. :sunglasses: