New Masterbode Monitoring Service

Welcome to a new service for tracking masternode coins!
Offering detailed statistics for masternode coins.
You tracking Daily income , weekly income , monthly income and yearly income, We list only real and active project , our team always analysis project before listing , We want provide real data and real people project
Our Upcoming Service
1/ Email marketing
2/ facebook posting
3/ Twitter (Tweet, Re-tweet )
4/ Linkeding Markeing

We are happy to announce that masternode monitoring is now live, check it out here

Common rules:

  • We can add your coin to the queue without any expected time frame.
  • As an option , we offer a priority listing (~24h) for a donation.
  • Donation size is about 0.05-0.01 BTC/ for listing/funding.
  • Coin must be on at least one Exchange (if not, individual requirements).
  • Source code should be published / provided.

Thank you