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I Posted two short items on the general board and they where hidden and removed. About me, I am 59 was a Ron Paul state delegate 2x in my state. Went independent after the elections. My post have links, those are only to provide a better and more understandable picture of what I am attempting to convey. They are not monetized. I do call it a “book”. It is a very poorly written book selling very cheaply and in the 10 years hence has sold 1 copy. It is simply my way to try to get a message across no one seems to comprehend. I have been preaching this since 2006. It is a very simple concept yet for some reason hard for people to adhere to. I am not a self promoter and not interested in money. I just don’t want to see the planet burn. I have no programming skills or knowledge. So I contact people with a simple concept. One of my main contentions is that no repackaging of attributes from this world is going to save us, not Human “consciousness” not homesteading or any of the Libertarian ideals. We must change the playing field in our favor, period. Tonight I am reading about the EU vote which could ban digital currencies, which is exactly what I was attempting to convey. You are in, you are within their world, they will own you. Last week it was Coinbase restricting accounts. I will not post here again. Here is my third post I was hoping to add to the other two. I hope you will look and think again, that you would realize what a opportunity it is to be at the forefront of Humanity discovering what it is to collaborate with only our logic as the moderator and the power we posses shared by all. This is not about me.

Proof of Progress

Gold has money for various reasons. I personally see gold as an asset because it takes time and energy to produce. Also it is in my mind the facilitator of human progression.  How? Gold is shiny, rare and makes nice jewelry. Jewelry is an adornment that can attract a potential mate. Mating produces offspring and thus is a progression for the Human species. 
Fiat on the other hand is not an evenly dispersed asset. It is a theoretical asset that benefits those who endorse the theory. 
The Human condition. We are at war with ourselves. Some call it competition. In reality is it conflict it all its horrors.  Why? The age old malady we as Humans deal with is that we have no way to synthesize the  varying conclusions we form. The logic and reasoning we use as individuals is not held to a standard and is not easily transmissible. 
The danger to our species is that as the separation between our inert state and the advancement of our technology grows more untenable and lethal the greater the chasm expands.  
We as Humans must evolve, we must. 
To evolve there must be a change in our environment. That change must be in our intellectual environment. It is our intellect that is our greatest asset and the source of our greatest potential. It is our very core. 
Proof of progress; a crypto platform whose purpose is not to create a new monetary system, but a new intellectual environment. The end goal being Human Evolution. Currency in this new environment will be seen from new perspectives and new aspirations. 
Energy usage is a large debate in the crypto sphere. We use artificial processors and energy resources to capitalize on the software and the hope of a better monetary system and a better world. 
Why instead not use the native processors we already employ, (our brain, our intelligence) and the energy center (our body) we utilize to facilitate our ‘thoughts’? Is this not a more conservation minded model? Does this model not go hand in hand with a “Proof of Progress” implementation?
The end goal of this system would be to facilitate Human thought that forms conclusions we can consider ‘workable’. This is not saying they are complete or ever will be complete. They are just a point in time we all have achieve together and can use to continue our journey. When this occurs we have the genesis of a new environment for Human thought an our progression as a species can proceed. Our currency will now have a type of symbiotic relationship with our endeavors.